yorickleusink Cinematographer, Director, Editor

CAMERA • EDIT • COLOR GRADING In the winter of 2016 a skier and snowboarder broke their usual pattern and ventured up north to find new terrain. Accompanied by photographers Wouter Struyf and Jelle Mul we went on an adventure. “UP NORTH” // 6′ // As featured on: NAT GEO TRAVELER VIDEO NAT GEO TRAVELER FOTO LINDA NIEUWS HLN.BE

Oostenrijk TV

yorickleusink Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Gimbal Operator

CAMERA • RONIN OPERATOR • EDIT • COLOR Oostenrijk TV is an online platform providing the Dutch tourism market with video content about Austria and its available activities. Several video’s have been produced and more will follow the coming season. This video is part of the first mini series De ‘Goldene’ herfst in Oostenrijk’, or ‘The golden autumn in Austria’.


yorickleusink Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer

CAMERA • EDIT Wooden building boards to combine with your own building bricks, the idea is as simple as inventive. BRIKKON makes children able to create the most beautiful structures. For example; A tree with a self-designed tree house, or a princess castle with a real catapult. “The combination of wood and plastic was always taboo, we thought it was …

O’Neill Face 2 Face Morocco

yorickleusink Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Gimbal Operator

CAMERA • EDIT • RONIN OPERATOR Once a year the best surfers from Belgium and The Netherlands come together to battle for the Benelux Championship. Also known as the O’Neill Jackpot and Face2Face. This years trip brought us to the endless line ups of morocco. www.surfbenelux.com www.oneill.com Video: Yorick Leusink – Yorick Leusink Cinematography Tim Mizee – Under The Lighthouse …