Jong Geleerd

yorickleusink Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer

CAMERA • DIRECTION • PRODUCTION • EDIT Jong Geleerd was a project created out of the mutual passion for surfing of Koen Laarhoven and Yorick Leusink. The project was utilized as Yorick’s graduation film. It portrays the story of the progession in the Dutch surfing culture and the way two different generations, the first and the latest, deal with this …

Taped Artifact

yorickleusink Cinematographer, Editor

CAMERA • EDIT • GRADING Music: Kevin Arnemann – Røssaak Cinematography: Yorick Leusink Cinematography ( Art direction: Daan Kemp ( Photography & Concept: Merel Kemp ( Production assistent: Daphni Kontou Special thanks to: Cafe de Koning – Rotterdam