My name is Yorick and as a cinematographer in the netherlands I’ve worked on various projects in SportsTravel and Hospitality. As part of my internship period in the United States I’ve specialised myself in these topics during my time with Teton Gravity Research. Based out of the Netherlands I currently work in Rotterdam where I also co-founded the Vierhaven Studio, a creative studio space for film and photography.

Besides these projects I’ve worked in many different fields of video, ranging from product videography to corporate identity video’s and commercials.

I’m available as Director of Photogrpahy, Camera Operator and Camera Assistant. All depening on the scope of the production at hand. I’ve been working as a freelance cinematographer since 2012, having started during my time at the Willem de Kooning Academy where I studied Audio Visual Design. After graduating with a short documentary about the Dutch Surfing culture I travelled for many travel agencies and hotels like TUI, Solid Surf House, Sense of Ofir and many more. This was the perfect time to built portfolio, see the world and find out what I want to create. Now I’m focusing on different aspects in film, still enjoying my occasional time abroad, but also slowly making moves into the TV world and Fiction Film.


Want to get in touch or looking for a cinematographer in the netherlands or even worldwide? Please feel free to message me.


Available as:

Camera Operator
Camera Assistant
Light / Grip Assistant