Alina Jäger X Agu

This short social snippit is a re-cut for a longer interview format video produced by AGU for the brands german social channels and website.

 Alina is german cyclist and content creator living in Girona. She is well known for her vlogs under the name Clipped In And Free. For this project she showed us around here home area of Koblenz.


The favourites around Koblenz.
Koblenz is a charming city at the meeting point of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, with its flowing landscape and impressive nature it provides a variety of excellent cycling routes that highlight the area’s beauty. Would you like to go for a ride? Here are five of Koblenz’s top cycling routes:

  1. Rhine-Moselle Loop: This 60 km loop takes you through the beautiful countryside and picturesque villages along the Rhine and Moselle rivers. The route starts in Koblenz, crosses the Rhine, and follows the Moselle River to Winningen before returning to Koblenz along the Rhine.

  2. Upper Middle Rhine Valley: This 80 km route takes you through the scenic Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning landscapes and medieval castles. The route starts in Koblenz and follows the Rhine River south to Boppard before returning to Koblenz.

  3. Rheinsteig: The Rheinsteig is a 320 km long-distance hiking and cycling trail that follows the Rhine River from Bonn to Wiesbaden. The section around Koblenz offers some of the most spectacular views of the Rhine Gorge and passes several castles and fortresses. You can choose a section of the trail that’s under 100 km, such as the 60 km stretch from Bingen to Koblenz.

  4. Maifeld Cycle Route: This 58 km route takes you through the Maifeld, a picturesque region known for its rolling hills and vineyards. The route starts in Koblenz and takes you through charming villages such as Mertloch and Ochtendung before returning to Koblenz.

  5. Westerwald-Rhein-Lahn Circuit: This 95 km route takes you through the Westerwald region, known for its forests and rolling hills, and the Rhein-Lahn region, known for its castles and vineyards. The route starts in Koblenz and takes you through charming villages such as Niederbreitbach and Dausenau before returning to Koblenz.

More AGU.

For the last few years I’ve had the pleasure to do a lot more work for AGU. Have a look at the AGU Urban Outdoor collecation video which we shot in the Vierhaven Studio as well as on the streets of Rotterdam.


Client: AGU Germany
Director: Mark Stokmans
Camera & Edit: Yorick Leusink
Alina Jäger